Superb on the iPad, but not quite ready for the laptop world

fjpoblam 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 1

If you're trying to compete in the laptop world, you're up against masters like BBedit. A lofty goal. I bought Textastic for my MBP today mainly out of loyalty and curiosity. I *could* use it just for cloud purposes. But on the other hand, for cloud needs, really, FTP to and fro with my and clients' websites fits the ticket just as well. For now, my suggestion: just keep up the good work and focus on mobile performance, pards. Live long and prosper. \o/

Well, I guess you have to start somewhere. I started the Mac version primarily because I wanted to add iCloud support to the iOS apps. I figured a Mac companion would be great so that you could edit the iCloud files on all your devices.

So currently, the support for modern Mac OS X features like iCloud, Versions, AutoSave combined with the availability of iOS apps is really the key differentiator of Textastic for Mac compared to other apps. I'm not aware of another app that does that.

I didn't really try to compete with the big guys like Sublime Text, TextMate or BBEdit. The price point is low compared to these other apps for a reason. But, I'll keep adding features to the app and who knows: for many people it might have just enough functionality to be their main second editor.

I'm trying to use the app exclusively for editing small files and websites - basically everything I don't do in Xcode. For me, the biggest missing features is support for folders so that I can browse and read bigger projects: http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/158682-ability-to-open-a-folder-switch-between-files-using-a-hierarchical-file-browser/ 

I have started to work on this feature now that the iCloud update for the iOS apps is out.