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I want the ability to define/create/remove languages Syntax Highlighting.

sylvoie 9 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 1
I need more freedom in definition of language Syntax highlighting.

1- I want to decide which languages Syntax Highlighting I need.

2- I want to have the ability to add my own languages Syntax Highlighting files. I have a "dbase" one for Ultraedit and I know, it isn't popular. I can convert to Textastic languages Syntax Highlighting.

You can take a look to UltraEdit Language Syntax Highlighting. The community participate actively to create languages Syntax Highlighting files, and shared them to others.

Under review
You can add your own TextMate-compatible syntax definitions to Textastic. Please have a look at the manual:


You can find many compatible syntax definitions by searching for "<language name> tmbundle" in your favorite search engine.

Currently there is no easy way to remove languages though.