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Ability to open current file in browser

Nathan G 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 4
I often want to preview an html file I'm working on. Would like an option in the file menu to simply open the current file in a browser.
Under review
For now, you can drag the file icon from Textastic's window title bar onto the Safari Dock icon to view it. 
What I have done is locate the file in Finder and then “right-clicked” to “Open with...” and open it with Safari. After you add some edits to your HTML, refresh the page. That is what I have been using and it works great.
Yes i have done that with longer projects, but for other projects I create short code snip-its or I use temp files I really don't care about saving because its just a page from a clients CMS.

I know I can "open with" but I would prefer to stay in textastic.
(for larger projects that I would need to refresh I use textastic for HTML and espresso for its css editing and instant preview)