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Textmate bundle

Rosario Azzarello 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 4

I'm trying to import the Textmate bundle for the Monkey Engine without success. I've followed the istructions on your homepage but no luck. monkey.tmbundle is working in Textmate.

Is there an error message in the Console app when you start Textastic?

Do you have a link to the bundle you are using?

No. No messages by starting the app.

Hier ist ein link zum Bundle: https://github.com/gingerbeardman/monkey.tmbundle

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If you install the bundle, there should be a "Monkey" entry in the list of syntax definitions which should be selected automatically if you open files with the "monkey" file extension.

I've made a screenshots of how it looks on my machine:

Very strange.

I've imported (copy/pasted) the bundle from the Textmate bundles folder to Textastic bundles folder, and didn't worked.

I've downloaded the bundle again from the github and copied it to Textastic bundles folder, and now it works.