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Please limit undo/redo to the current tab only.

developerbob 10 years ago updated by Simon Bridgens 7 years ago 6
Please limit undo/redo to the current tab only. Each tab should have it's own undo/redo history. When I select undo or redo it should not apply to text in other open tabs.
Under review
This should already be the case.

I slightly changed the undo behavior in Textastic 3.0 which is currently waiting for review at Apple and should be available on the Mac App Store in a few days. Please let me know if the new version still has this problem once it is released.
Still seeing this behavior under version 3.1 (28).

I can type into one tab, then switch, type some more, then switch back and type more when I hit undo it erases the changes in both tabs in the order that they were made, so the most recent changes in the current tab then it erases from the other tab and then back to the current tab, etc. This caused me to accidentally delete code in other tabs before I realized what it was doing and I'd wonder where my code went...
Can you tell me which method you use to switch between tabs? Do you use a shortcut or do you click on the tab?

I tried the following:

  • Hit Cmd-N to create a new file
  • Type text into the file
  • Hit Cmd-N to create another new file in a second tab
  • Type text
  • Hit Cmd-Z -> this deletes the contents in the second tab, but doesn't delete text in the first tab

This is still an issue and i have had to use dropbox version history to restore! Hitting CMD + Z on the current tab is inadvertently undoing history in all other tabs which is awful....

Needs to be resolved as this is not good when using it for python packages, then having to trawl through a large amount of version history because of it.


I'm sorry that you lost data due to this bug. I have found out that it happens after the "Find…" command is invoked and the find bar is closed. I'm going to try to fix this.

Thanks glad you found the area, look forward to the fix as it truly a fantastic piece of software :D