Some needed features...

Jordan Arenstein 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 1

This is a fabulous app, I'm loving it, and really enjoying the look and feel except for a few slight annoyances...

1. Windows, windows, and more windows:

When editing more than three files, screen space gets cramped way too quickly. I suggest a tabbed interface (+ swapping shortcuts)

2. Auto-complete is a hassle:

I strongly dislike the system of having to press the enter key to send auto-complete. I much prefer the using the tab key. Maybe could you add a setting to toggle it between enter and tab to not confuse other users?

3. I need my other half!:

It would be fabulous to be able to auto-complete pairs of braces and quotation marks!

But on the positive side, I love some of the features (Version history to be precise! Its really a pleasure to use, but maybe a bit difficult to navigate...)


thanks for your suggestions, but please use the search functionality and add your vote to existing topics. Also, please use separate topics so that others can easily add their votes.

1. See http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/158681-tabbed-interface-tabs-open-several-files-in-one-window/ - I implemented tabs in version 1.1 which I submitted to Apple last week

2. I've just created a new topic for this at http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/164878-confirm-auto-complete-with-tab-key-instead-of-return/ - be sure to add your vote to it

3. See http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/160333-show-and-auto-complete-matching-parenthesis-curly-brackets-and-square-brackets/