Edit multiple lines at once

Florian Müller 11 years ago updated by FX C. 4 years ago 2

The editor at the Microsoft Visual Studio is able to edit some lines at once. 

ALT + Shift and then use the arrows to modify the markers. The you are able to edit this lines. It is very useful if you want to write something like this:





I would suggest for a good approach on how to make this work really well take a look at TextMate. They use the option key. The implementation of this in TextMate is soo well done :) Hope to see the same functionality in Textastic :)


Or Sublime... or even the SQL editor of Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio..
They use the Option key (alt on Windows) in combination with the mouse: you hold click and drag vertically to "extend" the cursor. Then you can edit, select, delete text on multiple lines simultaneously !