Can folders be saved in the left side?

Tristan Lueking 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 4

Is it possible to save the last opened folders in the left side like sublime? Only thing keeping me from using Textastic as its annoying to have to reopen all the folders I was previously working in every time I reopen the program.


Textastic does save all windows and the sidebar contents.

Make sure you don't have this disabled in System Preferences!

Ok I did not know about that setting. I turned it off (it was on) but it is still not saving windows or sidebar contents when I close the window (clicking the red circle to close). 

When you close the window, it is closed.

Windows are restored when you quit the app (Cmd-Q) or "Textastic" > "Quit Textastic" and then restart it.

Ahhh I see, ok. That confused me, since the default action when you "close" the app is to not completely quit. It does work as you explained though

Thank you very much!