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dragging files into document generates tags

Robert Crooks 10 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 2
currently when I drag an image into a document, I get the path, which is something. If I drag in a JS or CSS or HTML file, the contents are inserted -- I can imagine cases where you'd want that, but I never do. What I'd love is the ability to configure what happens when I drag in different kinds of files. Surprisingly, I've only seen one editor for Mac that offers this: http://coteditor.github.io

Here's a screenshot: 
Image 100
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If you press the Ctrl key after the drag starts, the green "+" next to the cursor will change to a small "link" icon. This changes the behavior so that the path is added instead of the files contents.

This is standard Mac Drag & Drop behavior.
Automatically generating tags sounds like an interesting idea though!