Editing a file and going to another app saves the file

Dan Eveland 11 years ago updated by Rune Gulbrandsøy 11 years ago 7

Love your apps. I have found a problem. If I open a file from an FTP client like Transmit (sending to Textastic) then change the file in Textastic, and go to another app, it automatically saves the file and triggers and upload. So, if I were changing a file, then needed to go to Google or something to lookup some syntax or whatever, the file in mid-edit is uploaded because it's automatically saved. This was bad when I was in the middle of change a configuration file for a website. I changed the database name my website used, then went to my database admin to to actually put the database there before I saved the configuration. Instead, the file was saved and my website went down because the configuration was no longer valid.

Well, Textastic uses Auto Save that was introduced in Lion. That's the standard behavior in modern Mac apps.

Can you configure Transmit to ask before it uploads changed files? 

If I disabled Auto Save, other features like Versions and iCloud would be disabled, too.

I have the same "issue". Is there a way you can let the users turn off/on that feature? Could the edited file be saved as a temp file, untill the user uses the save command (cmd+s)?  It's a problem when you work with several files and switch between them.

There is no way (that I can find) to stop Transmit to upload the file you're editing.

But I still like the app! 


Since Auto Save is now the default for modern NSDocument-based in Mac OS X, I think Transmit should add an option to support this better.

As I wrote above, if I disabled Auto Save, other features like Versions and iCloud would be disabled, too.

Thanks for your answer! And it is not possible to make that a choice for the user? To disable auto save? I'd drop iCloud support to disable auto save - in a heartbeat. 

But thanks anyway :-)

I hope you reconsider this. AFAIK Textedit also uses iCloud and autosave, but Textedit does not save the document when the window looses focus (eg you go to another app). I've tried it with the same Transmit setup with both Textedit and Texastic. The way Textastic is working, it's not possible to check my email when I'm editing a file on my server, or answer an IM or facetime call - and that _is_ a bad thing. 

All other modern apps (textmate, SublimeText, TextWrangler etc etc) does not save the file to the server without the user asking it to do so... Basically Texastic is useless the way it is working now - and that is a shame 'cause it's a nice looking piece of software!

I've just tried it in TextEdit and it behaves exactly the same:

  • create a new text file in TextEdit and save it on the Desktop
  • enter four characters and save the changes with Cmd-S
  • open the file's directory in Finder
  • Finder shows a size of 4 bytes
  • enter 2 more characters and switch to Finder without saving manually
  • Finder shows a size of 6 bytes
  • enter 2 more characters and switch to Finder without saving manually
  • Finder shows a size of 8 bytes

To confirm this, I've also connected to an SFTP server with ForkLift and opened a remote text file in TextEdit. When I made changes in TextEdit and switched back to ForkLift without saving manually, the changes were uploaded immediately.

TextEdit uses the NSDocument architecture of Mac OS X. Textastic also uses NSDocument. The modern apps that you are quoting are not modern after all, but they are using the pre-Lion behavior. One of the unique features of Textastic is that it actually supports AutoSave and iCloud which the other editors do not.

That being said, I'll consider adding an option that disables AutoSave and therefore also iCloud and Versions as some people seem to prefer the old behavior.

I still think that since AutoSave is now the official default behavior in Mac OS X, apps like Transmit need to find a way to support this better.


I still hope you make this an option :-)

For those of you that don't like the autosave option, you could turn this off just for Textastic with this command in the terminal;

defaults write com.textasticapp.textastic-mac ApplePersistence -bool no

To turn in back on use;

defaults write com.textasticapp.textastic-mac ApplePersistence -bool yes

I've testet this on DP3 of Mavericks, but it should work on Lion/ML. Found it on OSXDaily