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multiple selection

Arda Balkan 11 years ago updated by タケハナジュン 4 years ago 4

You should add multiple selection tool and column selection tool to textastic. I use this tools on Sublime Text, absolutely great tools! I bought Textastic for both of mac and iphone, great app, congratulations.


I concur.  I also am a Sublime Text users and own both the Mac and iOS versions of Textastic.  Multiple selection and vertical selection are the only two features that keep me going back to Sublime Text on my Mac.

The ability to take a list like:


And, by using multiple cursors, in seconds you can turn it into:

~/DoThingOn Test1 --reallywell
~/DoThingOn Test2 --reallywell
~/DoThingOn Test3 --reallywell

...except with a list that's 500 items long!

Visual Studio Code (command+fn2) and Sublime support this as an example of how it works. They just lack the clean visual style of Textastic.


I agree with this opinion. 

The biggest problem with textastic as an editor is that it does not support multi-cursor functionality.