create new file at sidebar

Htain Lin Shwe 10 years ago updated by Rui Carmo 6 years ago 3

Thanks for new update and now , I can browse file easily. However, I can't create file from sidebar. Mostly , I did like right click on folder and click new file or new folder. But this feature is not include in Textastic Mac app. If you put this feature on next update , it will be easier to create new file or folder at the current project. Now, I need to create new file and chose the save directory when writing the code in same project.

All the basic file operations (Create, delete, move by drag and drop, etc...) would be great.

Oh, yes, please. I stumble upon this on a daily basis - every time I need to create a new file in my current folder/project I end up going back to the terminal, which is kind of daft.