Save As To iCloud

Sam Scherer 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 3

As far as I can tell, there is no way to save to iCloud or save as to iCloud.  The iCloud functionality is great for storing notes, etc but the implementation makes this difficult.  Am I missing something here?

The other issue is that clicking new from the iCloud window offers no opportunity to set file name. Is there a workaround for this?

When you save a new file, you can choose iCloud as the destination in the "Where" dropdown.

You can also use the File -> Move To... command to move a file to iCloud.

Or you can move your mouse cursor over the file name in the window title bar, click on the triangle that appears next to the file name and choose "Move to iCloud...".

If you open the File menu and press the Alt key on your keyboard, the "Duplicate" command becomes "Save As...".

So there are many ways to save, move or copy a file to iCloud.

A new document is untitled. You are asked for a file name when you save it the first time (using Cmd-S for example).

The 'where' dropdown only appears if you select 'new document' from the icloud window but neglect to save the file you are working on and then attempt to close it.

When a normal 'save as' is triggered there is no way to switch between files on the hard drive and icloud.

I realize that this issue exists in pages and other apps using the provided icloud frameworks, however its impossible to move existing files onto the Textastic file list on icloud. The method for icloud file creation is also not optimal.

Edit: I see now the move to option which is working well. I guess I am just set in my ways for save as key commands.  

This trick restores the command-shift-S save as functionality for those who want it.