Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts (German Keyboard)

Benjamin Jelen 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 2

It would be great if it where possible to change the standard keyboard shortcuts for "shift left" cmd+[ and "shift right" cmd+] to something different since it is necessary to use the alt-key to get the brackets on a German keyboard (cmd+alt+5 / cmd+alt+6) which renders the shortcut unusable...


For any menu items that has a shortcut (rather than some of the keyboard navigation keys that don't even have menu items) you can re-assign them by name from the Keyboard System Preferences panel.

For example, you can see how I added a shortcut to a menu item that didn't even originally have a shortcut for Mail's "Insert Bulleted List" option:

Great, that solves my problem. Thank you very much for your quick response!