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Needs to have Export added to File menu

Ken Ray 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
Sometimes I need to take a Textastic document and open it in another text editor because of certain features found there that Textastic currently doesn't do (like column selection). Right now the only choice AFAIK is to copy and paste, and I was quite surprised to not see an Export option in the File menu. 
Under review
You can just drag the file icon from Textastic's window title bar onto the other editor's dock icon. This will open the file in the other app while it is still open in Textastic.
Thanks for that - I forgot you could do that. It's a bit less obvious than an Export option, but I guess that since TextEdit only shows an Export to PDF and not a generic Export option, Textastic is being consistent with TextEdit. You can close this report if you like. :D