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Open dialog 'wigs out' after launch due to Default Folder X incompatibilty

Ken Ray 10 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 4
I have Default Folder X 4.6.8 installed on my Mac (running 10.9.4) and whenever I launch Textastic (I'm using 3.0) for the first time and it goes to display the Open dialog, it starts flipping back and forth between the iCloud and On My Mac tabs until I Cancel out of the dialog. Reselecting Open while Textastic is running works fine from that point on, but it's just the initial open dialog that wigs out.

If I turn off Default Folder X and launch Textastic, the initial open dialog works properly, so there's some incompatibility between Default Folder X and Textastic.

(BTW: I also sent this as an email to St. Clair Software to see what they turn up from their end)
Under review
Hrmm... Textastic is a sandboxed app and uses the standard NSDocument mechanisms. The Open panel and iCloud are completely handled by the operating system. Because Textastic is sandboxed, it has no access whatsoever to the open panel.

So I think that's probably something that needs to be fixed in Default Folder X.

Does this problem also happen in other apps like Apple's TextEdit?
No it doesn't... TextEdit brings up the open panel and stays there showing iCloud - no flipping. In fact this is the first app that has ever done this on my Mac.
Found out a bit more - also St Clair Software sent me a modified version of Default Folder X to see if that helped; it didn't, but it let me nail down the setting in Default Folder X that was causing the issue:  the setting “Rebound to the last selected file when a file dialog opens” under Open & Save, if checked, causes the flipping. If I uncheck it, the flipping goes away. I let them know as well so hopefully between the two of you this can get addressed. 

Thanks for the quick response, btw!
Thanks for letting me know!