Does it support a "virtual space"

Leonid Bushuev 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 4


Does it support a "virtual space" — an ability to place the cursor behind the '\n' ?



Sorry, but I'm not aware how this feature would work. Which editor implements this?

Hello Alexander,

This feature allows to place the cursor behind the end of the line.

Let's explain. Imagine a text contains lines with different lengths. When the cursor is placed on a long line is a position that is greater than the length of the previous line and user pressed "up", the cursor should just move up and preserve the horizontal position (if this feature exists). If no virtual space (as in Microsoft editors), cursor jumps lefter - to the end of the line where it stepped to.

As of which editors implement this - Far embedded editor, IntelliJ Idea, etc.



I see. Textastic doesn't implement this, sorry.

A nice feature! I'd vote for it :)