Ability to sort lines.

Jonathan Fine 11 years ago updated by Joan Batet 11 years ago 5

 Since I use this as a general text editor as well, having the ability to sort lines (based on the first letter of the first word of the line, etc)

As a workaround you (and I) can use os x services to sort text. At this web (http://www.macosxautomation.com/services/learn/tut03/index.html) is well-explained.


Excellent!  Definitely a nice workaround for now.  You should probably make two: one for general (as outlined in that tutorial) and another for numeric (sort -g)

would still like this built into textastic though :)

Or a few of them :-)

- sort case-sensitive A-z (sort)

- sort case-sensitive z-A (sort -r)

- sort case-insensitive a-z (sort -f)

- sort case-insensitive z-a (sort -f -r)

- sort numerically 0-9 (sort -f -g)

- sort numerically 9-0 (sort -f -g -r)