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Add a folder inside a folder?

jakesanders 10 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 3
So I downloaded a html template for a website theme. Now I want to make my edits in textastic. But when I go to import the theme into iCloud for textastic I can't because you don't allow folders inside of folders? Why is this? This makes editing any website on iCloud impossible because almost every website has directories further than 1 deep? Am I missing something here?
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unfortunately, iCloud only supports one level of subfolders. That's a limitation imposed by Apple.
Also your preview on the Textastic iphone app is broke, app just crashes whenever I try to preview a html file.
In the current version, a crash happens when an HTML file references other files (like CSS or JavaScript) that are not yet downloaded from iCloud. Make sure that you open all directories with the files that are referenced by the HTML file. This will trigger a download from iCloud.

I'll fix this in an update.