How to switch Auto Save off ?

Can i Play ? 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 3

I use your editor for developing Corona SDK games and noticed it auto saves frequently.

How do I switch that off ?

Trouble is the Corona simulator detects the file is changed and refreshes and sometimes I don't want it to, as I could be half way through something and then it starts complaining about errors.

I moved from Text Wrangler to your editor and that never auto saved.



Currently, you can't. I'll consider adding a switch to disable AutoSave. Since Versions and iCloud depend on AutoSave, these features will also be disabled if you disable AutoSave.

I'd also like to see this feature. I have my FTP client set to auto upload files to my server when saved locally, so the auto-save generates tons of unneeded, and sometimes unwanted, uploads. I really like the app other than this functionality, but until that feature gets added I'll have to go back to another editor for web development work.

Another user posted a workaround here: http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/165187-editing-a-file-and-going-to-another-app-saves-the-file/

I still hope you make this an option :-)
For those of you that don't like the autosave option, you could turn this off just for Textastic with this command in the terminal;
defaults write com.textasticapp.textastic-mac ApplePersistence -bool no
To turn in back on use;
defaults write com.textasticapp.textastic-mac ApplePersistence -bool yes
I've testet this on DP3 of Mavericks, but it should work on Lion/ML. Found it on OSXDaily