Good file management and organisation of windows across multiple spaces

Gadaji Man 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 2

FTP connections need to be handled gracefully.

The user needs to be informed but not alerted, and definitely not alarmed.

If all files within a folder are opened in a particular window, perhaps that window could be given a special colour.

Sometimes you want multiple tab sets.

Sometimes you might want to leave notes on top of the editor (without affecting the file).

This ticket is unfortunately broad (multiple issues) and reports issues with features that don't yet exist: there is no current FTP connection support…

With the (now existing) ability to open folders you can easily right-click either sub-folders or files and open them in a new window.  Thus multiple tab sets.  If you have an existing window and want tabs in a new one, open a new window using the File menu or relevant shortcut.  (From testing the last created window is where new files are opened by default.)

No idea what "notes on top of the editor" or "special colour" might be referring to; do you have a mockup of what you'd like?  I use Moom to arrange my windows on a grid, allowing me to easily have two windows each filling half the screen, except a small strip on top of, say, the right-hand window allowing me to place an additional window for notes.  (Or another application, like the notes app.)  Window arrangement like that is somewhat outside the scope of a text editor, though.  ;)

I'd recommend voting up the other tickets (like the FTP support ticket) if you desire those features.

Sorry - I'm hardly an active enough user to be making badly worded suggestions.

I think I was using FTP through a shared folder in Finder. I don't recall what problems I was having though - sorry.

For multiple tab sets, I guess I'm talking about split windows. Like the "Split Pane" feature in in OSX Terminal (though in Terminal, both panes cannot have an individual tab set).

Regarding the colours - some form of automatic window colouring - even if it's just a setting that makes each new window have a different background colour. Or giving windows a tint or mark that makes each look unique - somehow - anyhow.