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macOS manual?

Emily 2 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 2 years ago 3

The link for the manual for the macOS version of Textastic has only one topic: "How can I add my own syntax definitions, themes and templates?". Is the manual broken or missing?

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While the iOS app has a complete manual, the macOS version of Textastic currently does not really have a proper manual, sorry.

Are you looking for any particular information?

I noticed Kotlin wasn't in the list of languages and was just looking for more information.

That's how I  stumbled across the missing manual, I thought it was a bug.

You can use this TextMate bundle for Kotlin with Textastic for macOS:


In the menu bar of Textastic for macOS, use Textastic -> Customizations -> Show Customization Folder.

Put the Kotlin.tmbundle folder into the customization folder that is shown in Finder.

Then use the menu Textastic -> Customizations -> Reload Customizations and you should find Kotlin in the list of syntax definitions in the status bar of Textastic.