tmbundle problem

梁键鸿 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 2

I installed  nodejs tmbundle from https://github.com/robbin/javascript-node.tmbundle . but it doesn't work.... It works fine on textmate/sublime .

How can I type "req" and TAB than gen "var util = require('util');" 

Textastic only supports syntax definitions and symbol list definitions in TextMate bundles. Commands and snippets are not loaded from bundles because many of them would require a shell environment which is not available on iOS. Textastic uses its own code completion file format which could probably be used to write a code completion definition for Node.js: https://github.com/blach/Textastic-Customization

can I make a new language syntax like this ? And how can I select this as a syntax like HTML or javascript ? 


"description":"Code Completion for Test",
















"scope":"text.html - source - comment - string",