How to hide/disable new tab UI feature

Gary 11 years ago updated by Abhi Beckert 5 years ago 3 1 duplicate

Hi, how do I hide/disable the new tab feature if I don't want it? I usually manage several single document windows side by side and aim for maximum vertical space, having a single tab UI chrome eating space at the top of a document is rather distracting. Thanks --Gary

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Currently, you can't, but an option for hiding the tab bar when only one file is open in a window is on my todo list.

Thank for the quick response Alexander, and thanks for Textastic – am also looking forward to iCloud sync support for my iOS devices ;)

Is this still on your to-do list?

I find it annoying that the Mac app doesn't behave as per the standard macOS document model. When I want Textastic to run the way it does on iOS, I'll grab my iPad.


  1. Add an option to hide the tab bar
  2. Make the Cmd-N shortcut open a new window instead of a new tab
  3. Documents opened from Finder open in a new window instead of any existing one.

I don't think it even needs a checkbox in the preferences, just hiding the tab bar should enable items 2 and 3 (and persist across app launches).