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Why does Textastic need access to the download folder on the Mac?

G Kuta 3 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 1
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I just tried to reproduce what you are describing on a brand-new macOS Big Sur 11.1 installation. I don't get such an access prompt when running either the trial version or the Mac App Store version of Textastic for Mac.

  • What exactly did you do before you got asked for access to the downloads folder?
  • Which macOS version are you running?
  • Is this with the trial version or with the version from the Mac App Store?
  • What kind of Mac do you use? (Intel-based or Apple Silicon?)
  • Where is the app located? (I could imagine that you could get such a prompt if you are launching the app from the Downloads folder instead of the Applications folder.)