Code folding

Patrick 5 years ago • updated by Den 1 year ago 5

Code folding that allows the user to selectively hide and display sections of a currently-edited file as a part of routine edit operations. This allows the user to manage large amounts of text while viewing only those subsections of the text that are specifically relevant at any given time.


Code folding based on brackets and comments is a must even in the most basic code editor


I would really like code folding to be implemented. It would be especially nice if it remembered what pieces were folded when re-opening a file.


Automatic code folding ("focus mode") is also really handy; collapse all possible blocks of code except the one the cursor is currently in.  Track the cursor and automatically unfold/fold as you go (or search, jump to symbol, etc.)

Code folding necessary function! Hope to see "code folding" in a future release ...

Can’t agree more, I go back and forth between liking Textastic or sublime, code folding would tip the scales