Not saving changes in Mac OSX

Devesh Khanal 10 years ago updated by Delmar Stockwell 4 years ago 11
I'm having a recent problem where I'm updating HTML, looking at the page in a browser just fine. Then suddenly changes i start making aren't showing up in the browser. When I close Textastic and re-open it, I notice that the recent changes (the ones I did NOT see in the browser) are gone from the text. However, this seems to fix the problem in that I'm now able to make more edits and they start showing up and autosaving again. 
Hello, do you see any errors logged in the "Console" app when this happens?
Hi Alexander, I will keep trying to pay attention but here is the console right now and this problem just happened again: 

Hi, I don't think those messages are related. Please look for messages that start with "Textastic: ".
Ok. I have yet to see any errors in the console that are labeled "Textastic" but I'll keep an eye out.

The issue just reappeared and attached is the photo of the console. Note that at 10:44pm I made some edits, switched to my browser and noticed that the changes were not showing. So that is when I notice the error. But at that time nothing in the console said "Textastic". Then I closed Textastic CMD+Q and reopened it at 10:46, and only then did I see a "Textastic" based item in the console. 
That's weird. Unfortunately, the error message probably isn't related.

Where is the problematic file saved? Is it in Dropbox?

Did you reload the file with Cmd-R in Safari and it didn't show the changes?
Alexander, yes, the file is in Dropbox. Does dropbox synching in the background make a difference? 

Regarding reloading, yes, my workflow is: 
- make edits to code in Textastic
- switch to chrome, reload page
- make more edits
- reload page

Most of the time it works just fine, but every once in a while it stops saving edits. I then have to quit Textastic and reopen it (and when I re-open it, the last set of unsaved edits I made are no longer there in Textastic). 
Dropbox syncing shouldn't make a difference, but I haven't really tested if there is a problem when the same file is edited on two computers. Are you maybe editing the same file on another computer that is synced with Dropbox?

If a file changes on disk, Textastic should reload the changed file when it is activated.
No, I'm only editing these files on one computer. I'm also using git version control on this folder, but I can't imagine that makes a difference either. I'm sure a lot of your users use git also. Anyways, thanks for the prompt question and answer session. I guess this will remain a mystery for now. If I think of any other possible reasons or come up with any other insights I'll let you know. 
I see this occasionally as well, unfortunately I likewise haven’t seen any interesting Console messages or the like. The only indication I get that autosave has stopped working is that the “Edited” decoration doesn’t show up in the window’s titlebar. Typically the issue only occurs after Textastic has been running for a few days. I can cmd+s to manually save the file, and a quick cmd+opt+q and relaunch brings autosave back.

My files are just on the local filesystem (I don’t have Dropbox installed), but they are also typically in git repositories. I’ll keep an eye out for anything else that might help nail this down.

Often when I edit a file and close the Textastic window or tab, changes are not saved. Most of my files are in iCloud folders or my local Google Drive folder which is also synced to the cloud. I've gotten in the habit of manually saving before closing, and this always works.