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Is it hard to implement a key mapping of some kind?

dimulec 9 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 1
Unfortunately, most of my editing is done on PC and I am used to PC keyboard layout. Even more - I am using Synergy to switch between MAC and PCs. And I am using a PC full size keyboard. So, typing without looking on the keyboard is kinda hard in this editor. Especially annoying are HOME and END keys. Just imagine - to insert a new line my fingers automatically press END-ENTER and then I just start typing. Only to find out that the original line is now split in 2 and I am typing in the middle.

Btw, everything else is perfect. If I only could redefine just those 2 keys (HOME and END)...
Under review
Textastic uses the standard key mappings of the OS X text input system. While you can define your own menu shortcuts in System Preferences, AFAIK this is not possible for text input keys.