Revert or save

wjb777 5 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 1

Hi I use Textastic a lot and never close it until there is a system update. Before the update I close and save all open documents. When I reopen textastic it presents me with a host of open documents and for about 25% I have to make a decision to revert or save. My guess is revert but as it takes me 10 mins just to close the tabs and click that option while keeping my fingers crossed. Is there a work round?


revert means that the file contents are reverted to the last time you saved the changes using File -> Save. Also have a look atthe  File -> Revert To menu. I guess that you want to keep the changes you made to the files, so you need to select "Save".

I would recommend to use Cmd-S in regular intervals to save your changes so that you do not get asked this question.

If you just want to save changes and not see this dialog at all, please go to System Preferences -> General and uncheck "Ask to keep changes when closing documents".

(This whole thing is part of the document architecture of macOS and the AutoSave mechanism.)