Show and auto-complete matching parenthesis, curly brackets and square brackets.

Trevor Williams 11 years ago updated by Wilson 5 years ago 6 1 duplicate

When an ending parenthesis, curly bracket and/or square bracket is typed or the cursor is placed near one, it shows the matching parenthesis/bracket.

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+1. Also, auto-completeing ", {, [, ( with the matching pair would be a nice touch.


Guys, is there an update on auto-matching parentheis & brackets. I was very surprised that Textastic doesn't have this...

With quotes: there's also the concept of selecting text and pressing ' or " or ( or [, then wrapping the text in those symbols.  Can make sense for other symbols depending on active language.

I added this very feature to the next version of Textastic which is currently waiting for review at Apple.


I just brought this app and found that this app miss the bracket matching feature just like what in the Xcode does. does this feature come soon? really miss this feature.