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Imagine a button to preview a HTML file in the system's default browser.

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I would prefer a WebKit sheet in the same window as the document that I can toggle with a keyboard shortcut.

Opening in a browser means the file has to be saved somewhere and it opened in the browser. I then have to clean up manually. At the very least I have to close the browser tab. This sucks for rapid iteration where I make many changes and preview them in succession. Making 20 edits and having each of those sitting in browser tabs is tedious.

Supporting this one. Just like the iOS-app does it: In-App-Preview (markdown as well).
I think that it would be a nice addition if you could drag the preview out of the app to open it in a new window (a bit like Safari tabs).
Under review
There isn't currently a built-in preview, but you can just drag the file icon from Textastic's window title bar onto your browser's Dock icon. This will open the file in the browser.
Ok, thank you !