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Mathias Wagner 11 years ago updated by Justin Oroz 8 years ago 14 1 duplicate

It seems like there is no print support in the Mac version. Is this correct?

I think a paid editor should be able to print. 

Version 3.2
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I'm all for saving trees and such,  but sometime it is nice to be able to print!  I hope you add this feature.


If this is implemented, it'd be nice to pick a specific color theme to print using, or to print without formatting.  Most of the rest of the settings (wrap, etc.) could be inherited.

Looks like this post has 2 years old now and this feature is not enabled yet. Textastic, please enable this feature! It shouldn't be a hard task!
PLEASE add printing...

Please! At least add exporting to PDF! But if the OS X default printing is used we can create PDFs ourselves as well as print.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Justin, but this developer seems to have a day job. I've voted on 63 tickets in four years only three of which have been completed. Unresolved include such basic things as "jump to line". Today I use MacVim instead.

I'm actually currently working on an "Open quickly"/"Go to file" feature with sophisticated fuzzy matching which will also include "go to line" functionality. I also hope to add print support, but it's not that easy because I'm using my own completely custom low-level text view.


Just use some real editor, such as Sublime Text and Atom.

sublime text does not have printing either


Thank you for your hard work! Can't wait to see the next update!