Quick navigation between (and within) files using the keyboard / Goto Anything / Open Quickly

James Andrews 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 6 2 duplicates
Instead of navigating the sidebar when needing to switch to another file in a project, have a quick navigation popup operated via a keystroke shortcut e.g. CMD-T and enter a few letters to select that file. The popup should show you the most likely candidates based on match and recency of access with the first automatically selected. Hitting enter takes you to the selected file.

The search should be fuzzy like Sublime Text or Alfred and should include the whole relative path from the base of the project rather than just the file name (many projects have duplicate filenames). Additionally hitting the shortcut without entering text would show you the most recent files accessed, again with the first (and most recent) selected. This allows you to quickly toggle between files or navigate to a different file with a few keypresses.

Bonus points for supporting navigating to a line number within that file e.g. line 34 by adding :34 to the end of your entry and for support in navigating to symbols within a file. This is basically the same sort of functionality available in Sublime Text and means that you don't have to keep switching between mouse and keyboard.

Version 3.2
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