Feature Requests

Mark Simon 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 3

I am enjoying this app very much, but I have a few requests:

  • Is it possible to show the full path name in the window title? This is useful  when editing documents in different locations, especially if they have the same name.
  • Can we have a text zoom, either via the mouse (command-scroll) or with keyboard short cuts, or even with buttons?
  • Can we optionally limit the list of languages. As a web developer, there are only about a dozen I need to work with, so I would like to filter out the rest.



1. You can do a right click on the file name in the window title bar to show the file's location. You can also use File -> Show In Finder for files that are not in iCloud.

2. You can currently go to Preferences -> Fonts & Colors -> Select Font and use the font slider to adjust the font size.

3. I'll consider it. When the language selection combo box is up, you can type with the keyboard - for example "html" - and press return to quickly select a language.

For future requests, it would be great if you could limit the number of requests to one request per entry in the feedback forum. This way, other users can add their votes to it and it's easier to track the requests.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll take your advice and submit my requests individually.