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Search selected texte

sylvoie 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

I have I feature request: The ability to select text in current edited file and fast search this test from keyboard shortcut or mouse right click button to search that selected text in file.

Under review

You can use Edit -> Find -> Use Selection for Find (Cmd-E) to use the selected text for search.

Did you also press Cmd-F to show the search field?

Thank you, I tried and it doesn't work. I selected text + CMD-E and nothing happen.

Good point, it's now working and I understand!

Does CMD-E is useful for others actions than Search or Search & replace?

If NO :

Maybe a suggestion, to be more efficient, it'll best to start search of selected text with CMD-E, instead of CMD-E + CMD-F! I imagine that when I use CMD-E, it's because I want to search.


You're right, Cmd-E should also show the search field.