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Cursor is 10 times the size it should be in recent High Sierra Beta release 10.13.5 (Beta)

Ambios 6 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 6

I updated this morning to the most recent Apple High Sierra Beta release (10.13.5 beta). The cursor in Textastic is unusually large - like 10 times too large. Even as I'm typing in your web form, I notice that the cursor is not tracking correctly, although it is regular size. Maybe a Apple beta problem.

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Hello, thanks for letting me know. I currently do not run the beta - do you have a screenshot?

Oh, please let me know whether this is fixed by the next beta.

I am happy to report that with the most recent Mac OS update (10.13.5 Beta (17F45c)) this bug has been resolved. The new Beta version was released 21-Apr-2018.

Hi Alexander, I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your app - thank you very much for all your hard work!

I can't save a screen image. When I use CMD+SHIFT+4 to select a screen section, the cursor goes away as it does on all apps. Anyway, I'll let you know if this issue resolves itself with the next beta release.

I've just saw the comment above and finally understand why do I see the same problem.