I've bought Textastic for iOS, does that mean I get the macOS version too?

ethanowen124 7 years ago updated by drmrbrewer 1 year ago 4

Purchased the app on my iPad and love the fact that I can have my files automatically sync with the web server. Previously used apps such as Prepros but its easier controlling ti from one program rather than 2. 

What is the answer to this question?  Are they separate purchases?

Under review

Thanks for your interest in Textastic for macOS. The macOS version and the iOS/iPadOS version of Textastic are two separate apps for two different platforms with different feature sets (the macOS version doesn't have remote connection support), so it would require two purchases if you want both.

There is a trial version version of Textastic for Mac at https://www.textasticapp.com/mac.html. The download link is below the big green button.

OK, thanks, I'll give it a try!