Include line numbers in printed output

Barry J. Sullens 7 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 1

I like many of the features of this editor, but I cannot use it for grading my students' work unless it prints line numbers. I've looked through the options under "preferences," but I cannot find a way to turn on line numbers when printing. Can this feature be added?


I did not look under "Show Details." I expected the option to be in the Preferences for the app, not in the Print dialog. Thank you for the speedy reply. I can use the app to help me grade the remaining student assignments yet today...the same day I initiated my question. Fantastic support!

Satisfaction mark by Barry J. Sullens 7 years ago

In the print dialog, make sure to click on the "Show Details" button. You can then set these options:

  • theme used for printing
  • font size
  • print line numbers
  • print background
  • print headers and footers

Here is a screenshot: