Follow folder symlinks in sidebar

me 8 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 5

My projects typically have symlinks to other folders. In Textastic, the symlinks show up (double clicking will open the folder in Finder), but text editors normally treat symlink folders as regular folders (can expand/collapse), but retain the 'alias' icon on the folder.

Currently, I'm having to open the symlinked folders in separate windows which is pretty cumbersome (especially when I'm working in splitview on el capitan with my text editor on one side and a web browser in the other).


I added this feature request and I'm happy to see it added to the product!

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I'm curious: what do you use the symlinks for in your project?

Almost always because two different projects are using shared code from another folder on the system. E.g.



sharedlib/ (symlink to ../sharedlib)


sharedlib/ (symlink to ../sharedlib)

We use mercurial at my company and this is the easiest way to have shared code in separate repositories while still having access to those dependencies from all projects (we have a convention of cloning all of our repositories in a single top-level folder so all relative symlinks work for all of our developers).


I see, thanks for the explanation. That makes it easier for me to build a test scenario.


This feature is now added in Textastic 3.3.