About Chinese character encoing

Yyy2k3 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 2
Can not support Chinese character really.All the encoding about Chinese can not work.不能真正支持中文字符,虽然有编码选择,但是不能真正生效。
Can The "Encoding"selection work to all the files? now just can support one file.

Textastic uses functionality in iOS and some additional heuristics to detect the encoding of text files you try to open.

Which character encoding do you use in your files? 

I generally recommend using standard Unicode encodings like UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32. These should be detected correctly and also display Chinese characters correctly. 

If you use other encodings that can't be detected automatically, you'll have to select the encoding manually by tapping-and-holding a file and choosing "Open with Encoding" the first time you open the file. The second time, the app will remember the chosen encoding.

Thank you for your reply,I try some other files using chinese(gb18030),it work correctly.Maby my files was destroyed at the first time,sorry!
But I stuill suggest that "open with Encoding"can support To a folder,but not just one file,so that we can set all the files'encoding in a times. Thank you!