Local-Remote file sycing

Seán Cronin 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 2
Hi, it would be great to have proper support for file syncing with remote services, such as  FTP or dropbox. It's a pain having to remember all the files that one changed, particularly if they were worked on while offline. So for example if I edit the code for a webpage it'd be great if, when next online and connected to the server the app automatically uploaded the changes for me.
Am I right that you advice to remove buttons "Upload This File" and "Download Latest" with one button Sync, and Textastic will handle the conflicts itself, asking for your decision when necessary?

E.g. Textastic saves the timestamp when the file was downloaded or last time synced. And if this timestamp is the same as the last modification time of the remote file (when you press sync) Textastic just uploads your file to the server. And vice versa. 

The situation Textastic asks user what to do if smb edited file remotely and locally at the same time (timestamps doesn't match).

PS also for the future there could be some File Merge functionality.
Yes, that's what I'm talking about. It should be like the sync in dreamweaver. The options of get and put, just get, and just put would be a big improvement in usability. These options, ahead of file merge, are much needed in my opinion.