iCloud compatibility

Lucio Bragagnolo 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 7 1 duplicate

iCloud compatibility would be a real boon. I realize that, being Textastic iPad-only, iCloud becomes a sort of Dropbox duplicate. But I like the general idea of compatibility with the main features of iOS and iCloud is for sure one of these. Thanks and kudos for the great job!

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iCloud would only really make sense if you own two iPads. I'm not sure if there are a lot of people who have own Textastic and two devices.

I could imagine creating a companion app for Mac, though.
Not agree. iCloud is an excelent backup platform, not just a sync mechanism. I spend many days on the road without internet connection, and would like to be sure all my work is backed up, just in case. Besides, now there's also an iPhone version of Textastics; would be great if we can work from both devices.

iCloud backup already backs up the files in Textastic.

But, I'm currently working on a Mac app and iCloud support in the iOS apps.

Even without a Mac app, Mac users can benefit from being able to access the files under "/Users/user/Library/Mobile Documents" if they are synced over iCloud, which is very useful.

The iPad mini has changed this. I take iPad mini sometimes, iPad others. I'd love to take up where I left off from one device to another

I use Textastic on iPhone and iPad. I currently have to select all, copy, then paste into Notes app to sync to iCloud. Then copy out of Notes and paste back in on the other device.

If Textastic has auto-syncing to iCloud then I wonder how you would handle divergent branches? What if I made some changes on the iPhone after I made some other changes on the iPad? With Git this would become two branches. Like with Notes app it just makes two copies and there is no diff tool.

BTW, your forum software is buggy. I am on iPhone and right now, the text I am typing is obscured by the iOS keyboard (using Safari).

If you modify one file on two devices and one or both of these devices are not connected to the internet, this will put the document in a conflict state. There will be a dialog which lets you choose which version(s) to keep.

Thanks, I've reported the issue with the feedback forum to the UserEcho guys.