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Implement a simple word completion functionality

Florian Standhartinger 9 years ago updated by Nicky Fong 3 years ago 3 2 duplicates
Well I guess my sugestion wouldnt be too much work. It would not be neccessary to do syntax parsing (which would sure be a lot of work) but simply keep a list of the whole words that exist in the current document in memory and show a shrinking list of these words next to the cursor while the user is typing a word. You could shrink the list of suggested words while the user types by only displaying words that start exactly with the characters the user already typed.
This feature would greatly improve my productivity when using Textastic and would thus be greatly appreciated. Best Regards

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Any news about this? This would increase the development a lot to have all words in the document as completion targets. A slim version would the suggestion of symbols only. This would make my life a lot easier to... and it should not be hard right? At least the words in the symbol list already exists.

Nice information, thanks for sharing.