More sophisticated code completion

Honza Mikeš 12 years ago updated by Roman Revyakin 10 years ago 4 5 duplicates
I like the code completion, but there is it only for functions.

What about to add code completion of user made variables, user created functions (not only have them in the list) and for example completion of class attributes and methods.

For example when user type $t in the class method, it can show $this->var1, $this->var2, or when user have instance instanceName of some class and type for example $inst, then it shows $instanceName->method1()... I think you know what I mean.

And I think it would be great to see parametres and return type of functions as shown in documentation, for example int strncmp(string $str1, string $str2, int $len) above or under the function when I am writing it. Not always, but maybe after pressing some key...?

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I second this request. Again, I mention CodeAnywhere as a reference app with this regard as well :-)

Any news about this? This would increase the development a lot to have all words in the document as completion targets. A slim version would the suggestion of symbols only. This would make my life a lot easier to... and it should not be hard right? At least the words in the symbol list already exists.

Nice information, thanks for sharing.