What's new in Textastic 3.1?

Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 4
  • Added syntax definitions for C#, Coldfusion, R, Stata, VHDL, Verilog, and LSL
  • Performance improvements 
  • Web Preview: Changes in linked files were not shown on iOS 5
  • Improved behavior when transferring large amounts of files
  • WebDAV: fixed an issue with Apache/mod_dav redirects
  • SFTP: you can now rename files with spaces in the file name
  • FTP: fixed an issue with certain file listings
  • TextExpander: the row of additional keys did not trigger snippets
  • Many other improvements
Version 3.1


Textastic 3.1 is now available on the App Store.
Textastic 3.1 is now available on the App Store.
how long it takes to apple aprobe the update?
usually it takes about a week
you are waiting for review for about 5 days, 1 day in review and another processing for the AppStore. But this is just an average, it can be a lot faster or it can take longer, depending on how many other developers are releasing their apps/updates.
They claim to approve 99% within 7 days.

The last update took only a day to approve. I've submitted an update for another app yesterday which was approved within 2 hours (!!). This update seems to take a little longer. It's still "Waiting for review", but well within the 7 days period.
... but still no git :(