Python for IOS support

Torsten Klaus 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 5

Great APP!!!!! i would love to see "Open In" would work with the "Python for IOS" app. This would turn your Ipad into a powerful development environment


Hello, the "Open In" menu is provided by iOS and shows the apps that register itself with the system as being able to open certain files. 

You might want to contact the Python for iOS support team so they register their app for this feature.


Hi and thanks a lot for the faaaast answer. i already thought into this way!.

Ok, i'll check back with them and bring my request to their occurence!!

Anyway also if they don't add this, TEXTASTIC is a great one ;) keep up the cool work and thanks for this!


Hi Torsten, this is Jonathan Hosmer, creator of Python for iOS.  Unfortunately, Apple will not allow me to register the ".py" extension for use with the "Open In" feature.  In the last update (v1.3.1) I did register to be a target for .py "Open In" but when I submitted it to Apple for review they rejected the update and said that it violated one of their policies that does not allow importing "executable" code into an app that can run that code.  If/when Apple changes this policy I will include this feature into the very next update though.