SugarSync support

Jeremy Lee James 13 years ago updated by Vincenzo Pascariello 12 years ago 6 4 duplicates
Support for SugarSync would be great. SugarSync is basically DropBox on steroids, and works in certain environments DropBox won't (like in your "home" directory in OSX). Unfortunately, it's not as popular / supported as DropBox. Maybe Textastic could help change that?
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I also like Sugarsync - support would be great in this FINE App
I would like this as well. Way better than dropbpox
I'll put my vote in for sugarsync too
I use both Dropbox and Sugarsync. I find apps which support both to be fabulously flexible and practical. Adding SugarSync to the already exceptional Textastic app could only be a plus for many users and could have no negative impact on other users. Also, it would slot very neatly into the existing user interface, adding no clutter or unfamiliarity. I know it's much easier to request featuresnthanto implement them, but SugarSync support would be fantastic...
I've just started using SugarSync, so support for this would be awesome!

please, support SugarSync