BT keyboard shortcuts / hardware keyboard dock shortcuts

Lars Hundere 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 1 1 duplicate
Snipplr support!  

And what will iOS allow in terms of BT keyboard shortcuts?
(ANY shortcuts would be great of course!!) 

Feature-for-feature mirror of all the goodies in FTPOnTheGo!! 

-Lars Hundere

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Unfortunately, iOS doesn't give direct access to keyboard keys. For example, it's not possible to detect the current state of the Ctrl, Cmd or Shift key.

iOS just sends commands to text views like "insert character" when pressing a keyboard or "delete backward" when pressing backspace or "move one character left/right" when pressing the arrow keys or "move one word left/right" when ctrl is pressed in addition to an arrow key.

Some time ago I read that an app called "Essay" supports shortcuts. See http://www.essayapp.com/about.html

"iOS does not provide full access to external keyboards. But Essay wanted to make shortcuts available to the writers to assist an optimal workflow without the need to lift the hands from the keyboard. Therefore we feature a special command mode. It works like this: you enter ALT + SPACE to bring Essay into a Waiting for Command Mode. Then press one of the following keys or any other and the command will be executed and you can from then on continue to write as usual. "

So this would be a possible workaround.