FTP Client

Alexander Blach (Developer) 14 years ago updated 13 years ago 29 1 duplicate
Allow Textastic to connect to FTP servers to download and upload files directly from the app.
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Please add sftp support, that would be awesome
Well, this is an interesting read regarding US export regulations for encryption algorithms: http://blog.theanimail.com/iphone-encryption-export-compliance-for-apps

And this is just for using a HTTPS connection, not SSH. (the process is probably the same though)

The paperwork involved is quite heavy and takes a long time to complete: http://zetetic.net/blog/2009/08/03/mass-market-encryption-commodity-classification-for-iphone-applications-in-8-easy-steps/
I'd say the extra hoops you'd have to jump through to get SFTP implemented would be worth at least another dollar or two on the app's price :)
I already started the process with the DOC. I hope it doesn't take too long.
Excellent! The combination of Save-to-SFTP and a button for displaying a web view of the live site would be absolutely huge.
Any updates on the sftp topic? Don't mean to pester, just curious. I've been keeping my eye out for an sftp-enabled iPad editor for a while now.
Yesterday I got my first answer from the US Department of Commerce... yay! After nearly two months... Still waiting for the login to their SNAP-R interface, though. I had to sent a statement which "item" I want to export and to which country. I submitted the info and am now waiting for an answer...
if encyption is such a big issue, why not implement plain FTPin the meanwhile?
Of course! I just wanted to explain why sftp probably won't make it into the app.
I guess ftp will do then, thanks!
Please add FTP :). Thanks!!!!
I have to agree that FTP is needed for this app, or at least the option to mount a remote WebDAV.
The FTP client is coming along nicely. I can already browse directories and yesterday I finished implementing recursive downloading of directories with multiple simultaneous downloads. Still a lot to do (like uploading, config screens and so on), but I'm getting there.
COMPLETED :D :D :D :D!!!!!
Hello! It seems that file upload to ftp server is broken. I'm using vsftpd in Ubuntu. I can download files, but I can't upload them back. I have tried and experiment and just tried to upload a textastic getting started file and it does not works. I have tried to do it by FTP shell client and uploading works.
Do you get an error message? Can you maybe give me an account for your FTP server so I can try to reproduce it here?
Hi Alexander!
I have tried again from my home and it works. Is it possible that specific network allows only to download files from FTP?
That's strange. It could possibly be a problem with a firewall that can understand the FTP protocol. But why would someone want to prevent FTP upload?
When will this be released? :)
What do you mean? Textastic 2.0 with FTP and Dropbox support is already on the App Store! Also have a look at the manual: http://www.textasticapp.com/manual/lessons/How_do_I_connect_to_an_FTP_server.html
That's strange! For some reason the App Store says my apps are up to date when I still have the old version of Textastic.
Which version do you have installed – are you still on 1.1? You can see the version number when pressing the "Help" button in Textastic.

Really strange that the App Store doesn't show an update for you. You could try to manually search for Textastic in the App Store and try to install it from there.
I already deleted it and then I tried to reinstall and it said I need to update on the computer. I updated on the computer and it said that I need to be on a higher OS. I think that's the problem.
Yes, Textastic 2.0 needs iOS 4.2 – that's probably the reason.
Will it work on iOS 4.1?
Oh, I fail lol. Just worried about my jailbreak, but I think I found a way.
How is the support for SFTP coming along. I do need this to be able to use your otherwise excellent app
It's implemented in Textastic 2.1 which is currently in review at Apple. See http://feedback.textasticapp.com/feedback/22877-whats-new-in-textastic-21/