Add spell checking

Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago updated by Hani Sarji 2 years ago 11 5 duplicates

Can you be useful if you are using Textastic to write blog posts in Markdown for example.

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You are right. I must have overlooked that, sorry.
For an otherwise great editor and new user today this was the only overt omission. Surprised at the lack of votes, clearly most people speel perfeckly :)
With the internal "keyboard" it is nearly impossible to avoid misspelled words. For me this is a must have feature, especially when using textastic for writing markdown text.
Textastic became my preferred markdown editor, but I am missing the spell checker indeed. It would be nice to have it in markdown and Latex documents.


I do all of my writing--almost none of it technical--using markdown and, quite often, on my iPad. It would be great if Textastic had a spell checker. I would happily pay for that as an in-app purchase/add-on.


I use TT for write whatever I need instead of any other write app and I really need spell checker (Spanish and English)


I'm blown away that Textastic doesn't have a spell checker for OSx or IOS. Makes my intended use for notes I only code infrequently pretty useless.


The ability to spell check the text would indeed be beneficial. Please consider!

major miss! 
spellcheck is essential if you are trying to increase your revenue / market share. 

If vim has a spell checker, surely one could be implemented into textastic. 


Please add spellcheck to Textastic. I love the app, but I cannot use it to take notes because it doesn't flag misspelled words. It would be amazing if we could add dictionaries, even custom dictionaries, in the #Textastic folder.